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SenseZor - Russia against world government

SenseZor Film - Russia against world government
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Fighting "Russian civilization" with the world government in the face of the West.
Sensezor this English-language branch of the Russian channel Pravdozor.
Channel dedicated to the struggle of free men to a world government.
Our chief weapon is the concept of Public Security (COB), which came out of the entrails Russian wisdom.
World government originates from the ancient Egyptian priests. Egyptian priests of the Jews created and taught them 40 years in the desert. In the desert, they are starved of hunger and taught political struggle.
Those Arabs who came out of the desert, were called Jews. It was a self-contained unit - a special unit on globalization. Jews penetrated into all state and affects the entire management system in it.
Egyptian priests also left Egypt with the Jews. Egyptian priests hid a Jewish family of the Levites.
Now, in each country set a remote control. This is called globalization. Theory of globalization is described in the Bible. Bible says descendants of those Egyptian priests, the Levites. The Bible is the textbook of globalization.
Globalization in Russia is called as the "Bible Project".
Hristitanstvo a religion of globalization.
Algorithm globalization spreads through "second semantic range" virtually all cultural products.
The culture in which we live - "biblical culture."
Around us, all built on the subjects of the Bible.
That is why the center naey fight turned around analysis of world religions.