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SenseZor - Russia against world government

The True Teachings of Jesus Christ
Ершов Григорий, Ершов, правдозор, Ершов Григорий Юрьевич

It is a known fact, that different churches and religious affiliations interpret the life and teachings of Jesus Christ differently. This is the result of the deficiency and inconsistency of information about events that happened thousands of years ago. This is the main cause of perpetual disputes and disagreements within the Christian church. The four Gospels in the New Testament, as time has shown, are unable to cope with this problem. This is a challenge but it can be resolved.

Records of the life of Jesus other than the Gospels are in the Vatican archives and for many centuries they’ve been insistently kept from the public. One has the impression that someone is intentionally trying to conceal the truth from the people.
The Vatican could put an end to this once and for all by allowing secular and religious scholars to access and evaluate their archives.

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Source of information The True Teachings of Jesus Christ – The Gospel that survived the Inquisition bonfires

As Russia sees the USA
Ершов Григорий, Ершов, правдозор, Ершов Григорий Юрьевич

I want to talk about the United States from the point of view of Russia.
I want to tell you about Russia as it really is.
I'm not going to lie about Russia. Any Russian will tell as I am.
U.S. looks as aggressive and as a fascist state.
The Americans and the British brought to power in the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev.
Today Russian know that Mikhail Gorbachev a traitor Russia. For what he destroyed the Soviet Union, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union Americans hired Yeltsin.
Russian President Boris Yeltsin continued destruction of Russia.
Russian people demanded a national leader and a miracle happened.
President Putin is a wonderful gift from President Yeltsin.
Putin is not dependent on the U.S. and leads the Russian policy in the interests of the Russian people.
In Russia, the president is not a puppet, but a real head.
Putin's bloody regime is a myth. This myth invented Western forces.
This is cheap propaganda. In the West, people believe in this myth. Our neighbors to the east in this myth do not believe. 
Terrorist attack September 11, 2001 was coined by the U.S. Congress. He was made with remote controlled airliners.
Due to the terrorist attacks of September 11, the U.S. came up with the myth of global terrorism. Under the guise of global terrorism the U.S. expand their influence in the East.
Indeed, Europe, Russia and the East, are aware of these crimes the U.S.. Such methods are supported monopoly dollar.
Central banks in most countries are totally dependent on the U.S. Federal Reserve.
Most of the world can not trade in their money. Foreign trade only through the dollar.
But still want to trade through its currency.
If someone decides to do so, the country is attacked by the U.S. Army.
Any country that is independent of the U.S. and Britain, Americans consider totalitarian.
Today, Russia is a strong country. We got stronger after the devastation of the nineties.
Russian government wants to restore the Soviet Union, but in another form.
Russia will have many allies in Europe and the East.
Russia is included in alliances BRICS, SCO and the Eurasian Union. Eurasian Union is an analogue of the Soviet Union.
These alliances have one goal. The purpose of this is to destroy the U.S. dollar as the monopoly.
This fall BRICS began to make external transactions through their own money. BRICS today refused dollars.
For the U.S., this means the beginning of the end.
World domination is based on the U.S. dollar. Printing dollars instead of real work. Very soon, this will not do.
When the dollar collapses, the U.S. could start a civil war.
Individual U.S. states will divide the property. Special services of Russia, Germany, China and other countries, will warm the U.S. population.
So we try to divide the United States. Our share is Alaska. Easy way to get just as easily and take away.


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